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TWiki's Sandbox web https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox The Sandbox web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [zanfer@orangehrm.com] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).Sandbox https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox https://twiki.orangehrm.com/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif RuchiraHomePage https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/RuchiraHomePage Twiki Home Citadel Releases 6.5.16 6.5.15 6.5.14 6.5.13 6.5.12 6.5.11 6.5.10 6.5.9 6.5.8 6.5.7 Release Notes... (last changed by RuchiraAmarasinghe) 2020-08-05T06:38:03Z RuchiraAmarasinghe ProjectCitadel2 https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/ProjectCitadel2 Project Citadel Short term Roadmap Roadmap Product Metrics Meetings System Patches Phases 6.3.1 6.4 Rampart 6.4.1 xxx Drawbridge... (last changed by HimathDissanayake) 2020-03-20T02:07:00Z HimathDissanayake PerformanceModuleAddViewModifyGoalUpdate https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/PerformanceModuleAddViewModifyGoalUpdate Add/View/Modify Goal See Related: Goal List Acceptance Test Cases # Feature Scenario 1 Add Goal Reached via:(i) Goal List Add button (for Admin... (last changed by RajeevaNonis) 2020-01-03T09:26:06Z RajeevaNonis WebHome https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/WebHome $ Weekend : Aqua $ Holiday : Green Date Day A (11) B (5) C (15) D (6) E (4) F (4) G (6) H (4) I (6) 08 Oct... (last changed by RajeevaNonis) 2019-05-30T04:31:11Z RajeevaNonis TestTopic0 https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/TestTopic0 # Scenario No Of Days(D) No Of Absenses(S) Bradford Factor 1 Full day LeaveEmployee is absent on 06/06/2017 and 07/06/2017, (Tuesday And... (last changed by RuchiraAmarasinghe) 2017-07-13T09:01:19Z RuchiraAmarasinghe WebCreateNewTopic https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/WebCreateNewTopic (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2015-06-10T21:22:58Z TWikiContributor WebSearch https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/WebSearch (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2015-05-15T21:32:24Z TWikiContributor WebSearchAdvanced https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/WebSearchAdvanced (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2015-05-15T21:32:20Z TWikiContributor WebSearchAttachments https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/WebSearchAttachments (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2015-05-15T21:25:50Z TWikiContributor PluginTestJQueryPlugin https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/PluginTestJQueryPlugin Examples for JQueryPlugin Include the jQuery javascript and theme we need: Dialog Default, no options Hello, World! Create Dialog Close Title, Width Height I... (last changed by TWikiAdminGroup) 2012-08-21T05:56:34Z unknown JQueryPluginExamples https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/JQueryPluginExamples JQuery Plugin Examples Demo of the TWikiWidgets implemented by the JQueryPlugin. Buttons Toggles Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla... (last changed by TWikiAdminGroup) 2012-08-21T05:56:34Z unknown WebTopMenu https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/WebTopMenu Top Menu of Sandbox Web This topic defines the menu structure of the Sandbox web, used by the TopMenuSkin. 1 Web` Create New Topic... (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2011-07-28T22:00:09Z TWikiContributor RuchiraAmarasingheSandbox https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/RuchiraAmarasingheSandbox RuchiraAmarasinghe 13 Aug 2010 (last changed by RuchiraAmarasinghe) 2010-08-13T00:19:52Z RuchiraAmarasinghe CommentPluginTemplateExample https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/CommentPluginTemplateExample Template Example Example template topic for CommentPluginExamples:templatetopic. : Include generic comment templates: (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2010-03-20T04:17:06Z TWikiContributor TestTable https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/TestTable Designation List Designation Allocation Job Class Job Grade Job Level Designation Dean Senior Vice Dean Consultant... (last changed by HimathDissanayake) 2009-09-03T11:39:15Z HimathDissanayake MyTestForm https://twiki.orangehrm.com/bin/view/Sandbox/MyTestForm Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes Instance Name text 50 Please Enter... (last changed by ZanferHussain) 2008-04-16T13:51:34Z ZanferHussain
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