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Acceptance Test Cases

# Feature ScenarioSorted ascending
3 Bulk Assign Goal
  • 6.4.11 When bulk assigning a goal to multiple employees, the progress is indicated using a progress bar.
  • 5.1 Goal Comments
  • A goal comment displays:
    (i) 6.4.11 Profile image of the employee who commented
    (ii) Name of employee (First Name and Last Name) who commented (user name is shown for admin user accounts without an associated employee)
    (iii) Comment text
    (iv) Date (in system defined date format) and time (hh:mm) of the comment (server time is used)
  • 5.2 Goal Comments
  • A user (even an admin or supervisor) with privileges can only delete notes added by himself/herself.
  • 2.2 Modify Goal
  • Admins can modify all accessible goals.
  • Supervisors can only modify Individual goals
  • Supervisors cannot modify Business goals
  • ESS users can only modify Individual goals
  • ESS users cannot modify Business goals
  • 3.1 Bulk Assign Goal After bulk adding a goal to multiple employees, system will track each employees' goal as a separate Individual Goal
    5.1.1 Goal Comments
  • Comments are shown sorted (descending) by date and time.
  • 4.1 View Goal
  • If a goal is marked as Read Only (For Assignee), the assigned user cannot update any of the goal fields.
  • 4 View Goal
  • It's possible to click on a goal on Goal List or My Goals and view its details.
  • 2.1 Modify Goal
  • It's possible to modify and save an existing goal.
  • 2 Add Goal
  • It's possible to select a goal from the goal library as the goal name
  • No other goal fields are copied from the goal in the library to the new goal being created.
  • 1 Add Goal
  • Reached via:
    (i) Goal List - Add button (for Admin / Supervisor / HOD users)
    (ii) My Goals - Add button (for ESS users)
  • 5.0.1 Goal Comments
  • System validates the maximum allowed comment length and displays a validation message for text exceeding the length.
  • 5 Goal Comments
  • Users having UPDATE privileges for data group: Performance - Goals, can add/delete notes to goals that they can view from the View/Modify goal screen.

  • Add/View/Modify Goal Form

    Field Field Type Default Value Field Options Validations Validations Message Field Behavior
    Type Dropdown
  • Business (for admin users)
  • Individual (for other users)
  • (i) Business (Only available to admin users when accessing the form via Goal List. Not available for other user and even admin users if the form is reached via My Goals screen)
    (ii) Individual
        Enabled for Admin users.
    Disabled for users other than Admin users.
    Goal Name Text + 6.4.11 Auto Complete     (i) Mandatory
    (ii) Less than 240 characters
    (i) Required
    (ii) Should be less than 240 characters
  • Lists goals that match the
    (i) Entered goal type (Business or Individual) from the library AND
    (ii) The entered text in any part of the goal name
  • It's possible to select a goal from the library
  • It is also possible to enter a new goal text in the text box
  • Parent Goal Auto Complete  
  • Lists active goals (achieved goals do not get listed)
  • Only goals of the same type (Individual or Business) as the goal being added are listed.
  • 6.4.11 Regional admins ONLY see goals assigned to employees in their regions.
  • Global admins see goals assigned to employees in all regions.
  • It's possible to select a goal assigned to an employee in a location other than the goal assignee's location (based on the accessibility of the goal by the assigner)
  • 6.4.11 Supervisors only see goals assigned to employees reporting to them (or in all levels of the reporting chain if the supervisor chain is enabled)
  • 6.4.11 HODs only see goals assigned to employees in their sub-units.
  • ESS user only sees own goals
  • The goal being edited or child goals of the goal being edited do not appear to be selected.
  • Goal name is prefixed with the goal owner name for all users except ESS users. ESS users only see the goal name.
  • The autocomplete pattern matches the prefixed employee name of the parent goal as well.
  • View library 6.4.11 link         When user clicks the view library option system pop up a Search Library pop up.
    Goal Description Text Area or WYSIWYG Editor    
  • 6.4.11
    (i) Less than 10000 characters
    (ii) File size less than 5MB (default). This is controlled by the configuration setting in the database
    (iii) Content size less than TBD
  • (i) Should be less than 10000 characters
    (ii) File Size should be Less Than 5MB (Max size mentioned in the warning message changes according to the configuration setting)
    (iii) Allowed content size exceeded
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Due Date Date     Mandatory (Exception: If Add to Library is checked AND Assigned To is NOT set)
      Selected date is displayed in the system defined date format
    Status Dropdown Pending
  • Pending
  • In Progress
  • Achieved
  • Upon completion being set to 100%, automatically gets set to "Achieved"
  • Completion 6.4.11 Circular Slider 0%       6.4.11
  • Slider representing a range (0% to 100%) of completion as a percentage
  • Upon sliding, displays the percentage value it represents.
  • Color of the slider changes from grey to green as the percentage of completion changes from 0% to 100%
  • Add to library Checkbox Unchecked      
  • Only shown to Admin users
  • Not shown to ESS, Supervisor, and HOD users
  • If checked, upon saving, the goal is added to the goal library
  • If the goal name is a duplicate of an existing goal in the library the checkbox is not shown.
  • Assigned To Auto Complete
  • Empty if "Add Goal" form is reached via "Goal List"
  • Own name when "Add Goal" form is reached via "my Goals"
  • Employees accessible to the user (i) Enter invalid format ( Ex: Numeric values)
    (ii) Mandatory Field (Exception: If Add to Library is checked, Assigned To is not mandatory)
    (i) Invalid
    (ii) Required
  • Employee Name and Employee Id available to be selected
  • Disabled (with own name selected) for ESS user.
  • Evaluator Groups Checkboxes (i) Main Evaluator
    (ii) Self
    (iii) Supervisor
    (i) Main Evaluator
    (ii) Self
    (iii) Supervisor
    (iv) Peers
  • Evaluator Groups disabled in Appraisal Configuration do not get listed as options.
  • The goal appears in the performance appraisal reviews of the selected evaluator groups.
  • Read Only (for Assignee) Checkbox        
  • Shown ONLY in Add Goal form
  • Available only for Individual goals
  • Not available to ESS user
  • Available to Admins, and Supervisors
  • Bulk Assign To Checkbox Unchecked      
  • Shown ONLY in Add Goal form
  • Available only for Individual goals
  • Not shown to Supervisors, HOD Users, and ESS users
  • (Bulk Assign To) Job Title Multi Select  
  • All
  • Job titles defined in the system
  • Exception: Job titles which are prevented access to for the user role of the logged in user for the data group Performance - Goals are not listed.
  • Shown ONLY in Add Goal form
  • Shown ONLY if Bulk Assign To is checked
  • Shown ONLY to admin users
  • Not shown to Supervisors, HOD Users, and ESS users
  • (Bulk Assign To) Location Multi Select  
  • All for Global Admins
  • Locations accessible for Regional Admins
    (Bulk Assign To) Sub Unit Multi Select  
  • All
  • Sub Units defined in the system

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